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AutumnHardstyleMix 2013 (09-11-2013)

It's been almost a year since I've created my last full length mix and since a lot of quality hardstyle tracks came out previous months I thought it would be nice to have them compiled into one single mix. So spend some time sorting out the best of the best and glued them together. The AutumnHardstylemix 2013 is available on my channel which has the big advantage that it has a direct download option. Njoy!
Bye Bye OfficialFM, Hello HearThis.At (20-09-2013)

As some of you may already have read on my facebook page., the site that is currently hosting all my tracks / remixes and mashups changed their mind regarding the hosting of mashups and bootlegs. They are shutting down my (and a lot of other) music channel since they think it's copyright infringement. So I've transferred all my tracks to a website that is currently supporting mashup artists. Still have to update all the links on this website, but that's just a matter of time.
Take Over Full Focus (27-08-2013)

I was asked to join a mashup project called Mash the Dutchie for which they needed mashups between (at least) two tracks created by dutch producers. I found out that a track called full focus by Armin van Buuren worked really good with the vocal line from take over controll by Afrojack (vocals by Eva Simons) This is the result.
Otherside of Cobra (01-08-2013)

Created a banging new club mashup based upon a track called Cobra produced by my "nearly neighbour" DJ Hardwell. I wanted to demo for his label revealed and figured it would be nice to do a mashup based upon one of his tracks as well. So Robert here you go ;D
Titanium Treasure (17-07-2013)

I Found an acapella version of a track called treasure by Bruno Mars, so started to play around with some tracks that are in the same key. The titanium track (by David Guetta) realy hit the spot and although there are plenty of mashups out there using titanium I just couldn't leave this one unfinished.
Get A Horney RagDoll Tonight (04-07-2013)

I've created an exclusive new mashup for the Mash of the Titans 2 compilation which has just been released at The compilation is featuring 29 new mashups from the most famous bootleg producers of the world. Get it here for free.
This Is How We F*ck You Uptown (18-05-2013)

This is another Mashup / Minimix I've created for the Establishment Group in Australia. They requested a 3 minute mashup for their "Uptown" event sponsered by Pimp Juice. So I've combined 7 tracks in those 171 seconds. More info and video link available in the mashup section.
It Takes Rollin Love to Stay Alive (28-04-2013)

And now it's time for something completely different :) I've been asked to create a Motown / Disco mix for an event called BLITZ at the "Blue Beat" Nighclub in Sydney, Australia. So I tried my best to fit 8 tracks into a 3 minute minimix / mashup, tracklist and videolink available over here.
Move Your Umbrella Like Its A Beautiful Maria (07-04-2013)

Lately I've been in contact with a guy who organizes events in a nightclub in Sydney / Australia. He asked me if I would be able to create mashup video's for some of those partys, so he could use them for his invites. This is a mashup I've created for the "Millennium Party" And although it's not my usual genre the result is quite enjoyable.
Winter Hardstyle Mix 2013 (15-01-2013)

Once in a while I just feel like mixing some LOUD music, so checked out what hardstyle tunes are hot right now, combined them in a brand new mix. To stick to some old habits I've sized it to a length of 80 minutes to make it fit on a single audio CD (guess there still are people out there burning my mix on a disc) For now it's only available streaming on mixcloud, looking for a new place to store my mixes. There's one more thing to mention....BEUKEN!!
I Love Firework (02-12-2012)

I spend a couple of nights on combining two tracks: "I Love It" by Icona Pop and Katy Perrys "Firework" Together they make this brand new pop mashup "I Love Firework" Some might even notice some beach boys samples. Njoy!
Still Waters Run Deep (01-12-2012)

Today STILL WATERS RUN DEEP - THE ALBUM is released on Vectiva Recordings.
This album contains 12 previously released tracks which I produced together with Matt Pincer,
but it also contains our brand new single STILL WATERS RUN DEEP, get it at your favorite download portal!
Ravage4 - Crazy Dream Remix (04-10-2012)

A couple of weeks ago I've created a pretty rough hardstyle dance remix for a Dutch hardrock band called Ravage4. Their EP "In Your Face" has just been released and includes this remix. So turn up the volume, press play and piss off your neighbours!
Make Me Good to Go (27-10-2012)

For a couple of weeks I've been expirimenting with a different kind of sound, something more progressive than my usual style. I must say I'm quite happy with the track. It's called "Make Me Good to Go" (based upon the lyrics) and you can preview it here (download is disabled)
San Cisco - Rocketship Remix (11-10-2012)

I've joined a San Cisco remix contest on Dutch radio 3FM (rabradio). This remix made it to the last 5 entries but the band unfortunatly chose a dubstep remix as the big winner. But I hope you enjoy this very dancy remix anyway!!
Happy Hardcore Videomix (23-08-2012)

(Happy)Hardcore aka Rave music ruled the UK,German and Dutch hit Charts in the mid 90's.
This style of music was thereby a big part of my teenage years, and even today it still brings me great joy. A while ago I've mixed 29 Happy Hardcore / Rave tracks together, and after two nights of video editing I can provide you this cheasy videos mix!
Gangnam Satisfaction (12-08-2012)

Just when you thought I've mashed the worst summer hit of 2012, a Korean track called Gangnam Style is getting quite popular. I couldn't resist the urge to mash it, now you probably going to hate my guts!
For those who don't : Njoy Gangnam Satisfaction!
Tacata in da Club (11-07-2012)

I've created a new mashup based upon the track Tacata by Tacabro. It might sound quite simple but took me a lot of time to put together. First of all there are not a lot of pop tracks in the same key and since there was no proper clean beat in the tacata track I had to slice up in approx 30 pieces for one single 4 bar loop. But in the end it sounds quite allright! Njoy Tacata in da Club
Summer Hardstyle Mix 2012 (25-06-2012)

The summer 2012 has officially started and since it's been more than half a year ago that I've mixed some music I've decided to spend the last few days of my summer vacation on a new full length hardstyle mix. Njoy one hour of electronic terror :)
Talk to Me (21-06-2012)

After some hours "jamming" in my studio with Lin, we created the foundation of a new vocal trance track. A couple of weeks later I've finished the track and it got signed right away on Vectiva Recordings. Both Matt Pincer and Luca de Maas created a remix for this release as well. "Talk to Me" will be available on all big download portals on 09-07-2012.
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